The 5 Benefits of Chastity

Did you know that chastity was once considered a sign of divine favor? People who refused to have sex were often revered as purer than those who did the horizontal bop.

Their marital statuses didn’t matter either. In fact, that’s why modern society places such a marked stigma on sexual liberty. We’re all conditioned to believe that sexual gratification is an ugly, primal desire.

It’s not true, but the belief still affects how we all think about sex.

Back in the day, people practiced chastity to gain points with their social network and earn the respect of clergy or potential suitors. Today, we do it for completely different reasons, although clergy and partners always love a good virgin.

Regardless, science has taught us that the concept of voluntary abstinence is worth more than its weight in iron panties.

So, here’s what you need to know.

What are the top 5 advantages of practicing chastity?

The game of chastity may not be for everyone, but the people who love it almost always become obsessed. That’s most likely because it offers so many unique advantages that you can’t get anywhere else.

After all, abstinence from sex is good for more than just pleasing your pastors and passing 10th grade sex ed. Here are five things it can do for you, your partner, and/or your relationship:

#1. It forces you to think of more creative ways of seeking pleasure.

Since you can’t get off in the usual ways, you’re forced to rethink how you seek and experience pleasure.

Over time, this restrictive cycle can help you imagine, fantasize, and create better sexual experiences with yourself and/or your partner. They say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and this clever tactic is living proof of that.

So, while you may not be able to ejaculate, you can still enjoy stimulation if you think outside the box.

#2. Chastity makes eventual sex more satisfying.

Let’s talk some more about how abstaining from sexual pleasure makes your eventual experiences more intense.

You see, a general lack of fulfilling sexual gratification can make all your other senses more aware. Heightened and extra sensitive, you end up deriving extreme satisfaction from less erotic stimuli than before.

In turn, that can make simple gestures and modest come-ons more appealing. Thus, chastity is a terrific option for new couples and/or sexually repressed individuals.

#3. It can help establish trust in long-distance relationships.

Do you ever wonder if your lover is being faithful when they’re so far away? Don’t you wish you could lock up their cock and throw away the key until you’re back together again?

Well, a male chastity device can make that happen – and painlessly. The right contraption fits over the penis and balls then locks into place until “the jailer” sets them free.

It’s fun, flirty, and a great way to show your allegiance to a partner from far away.

#4. Chastity gives you more respect for your partner.

Because you can become so pent up and sexually frustrated while practicing chastity with an attractive partner, the exercise produces a sense of mutual respect.

In one direction, the wearer respects their partner for enforcing such intense levels of self-control.

In the other direction, the freed partner respects the wearer for demonstrating such blatant signs of loyalty despite contrary interest, opportunities, or impulses. Together, the couple grows stronger and the sex keeps getting kinkier (when it’s allowed, of course).

#5. It helps you develop better self-control.

Self-control is an important part of life, but it’s also a multifaceted concept that requires lots of practice to master.

For many, their weakest moments come when sex is involved.

So, chastity can help those people gain a better handle on their urges and compulsions, especially if they’re a chronic masturbator or suffer from sex addiction. That’s because it prevents immediate gratification and encourages healthier coping mechanisms for otherwise uncontrollable impulses.

Want to make your experience with abstinence less frustrating and more satisfying for everyone involved? Reach out to your partner(s) to find out what areas in the bedroom you need help with the most.

Be sure to approach the situation with an open mind and ask for honesty no matter how much it stings.

How to practice chastity in your relationship in 4 easy steps

Introducing the concept of chastity into your relationship may be tricky, especially if it’s not something you’ve talked about before.

As such, try to be as gentle and compassionate as possible. If your partner seems apprehensive about the idea, discuss the five benefits listed above to help change their mind.

Then, follow these four simple steps to get started:

Step 1 – Outline your goals.

It’s better when you know exactly what you and/or your partner desire.

In other words, what’s the end game here? Are you practicing chastity to establish trust or make your sex life more interesting? Depending on your answer, the correct tools and techniques should reveal themselves.

Once they do, begin collecting your devices and accessories to create an adequate stash ahead of time.

NOTE: Study the elements of an aftercare station to help your partner feel more comfortable about wearing specialty devices.

Step 2 – Determine your hard and soft limits.

No two people enjoy the same things when it comes to sex, and folks can be pretty strict about their sexual limitations as well. Because chastity is such a restrictive concept that requires lots of time, trust, and patience, it may not be something you can just jump right into.

So, take it slow and find out what your partner wants out of it first. Chances are, you have more things in common than you thought.

NOTE: To avoid embarrassment, write down your hard and soft limits on a piece of paper and then give it to your partner to read.

Step 3 – Be aware of the consequences.

Understand the pros and cons of chastity before bringing it into your relationship.

After all, it can cause resentment and anger if you do it wrong. This concept is meant to develop trust, establish dignity, protect a fragile relationship, and teach self-control. It is not something that should be abused or taken for granted.

If/when that happens, the restricted partner feels stupid for playing along and the other partner looks mean for being so cruel. It’s a lose-lose situation for everybody that way.

NOTE: Outline some clear expectations and then track your progress together, making necessary adjustments as you go.

Step 4 – Know when to stop.

Male chastity and female abstinence are generally safe, even for people who are in very active sexual relationships. Modern tools of the trade are made from hypoallergenic materials and have comfortable features to ensure long-term security.

However, that also means they can be dangerous if you lose the key, let the area become dirty, or get it snagged on something.

Moreover, many partners establish a safe word to beg for release. Whatever the case, you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

NOTE: Most male chastity rigs have holes for penile ventilation and urination, which means they can be worn for days if properly maintained.

How to make the most of your voluntary sexual abstinence

It can be tough to maintain your discipline when your partner is being sexy or after it’s been a while since you’ve had sex.

The bad news is that that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. This is when your self-control muscles get a chance to flex, so don’t get weak when it matters most.

Talk to your partner about possible adjustments and do your best to follow the rules. That way, you don’t get put back in the slammer repeatedly for unlawful offenses.

Your partner is in charge of making the rules, but it’s your duty to follow them. Chastity is therefore a group effort, so try to encourage one another to practice patience and show compassion (even when staying to course gets hard).

Make it even easier by setting a time limit before you begin.

Outline how long you think the prisoner should be locked up before receiving their reward of freedom and sexual fantasy fulfillment.

Try to increase the wait with every pass to teach more self-control and establish trust but keep the wearer’s lifestyle and professional obligations in mind when determining the schedule.

Take advantage of chastity while you can

Convincing someone to abstain from sex isn’t easy, especially if that person loves to get off or feels like chastity is a joke.

Plus, asking a partner to wear a big, restrictive device for several hours can be like pulling teeth.

They’ll hate you for even suggesting it at first, but then they’ll thank you once you successfully remove the problem and replace it with something more functional.


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