How to Enforce Male Chastity

Where does the idea of chastity come from, and why do men either love it or hate it? Is there a way to change your man’s mind, or do you have to deal with his delinquent dick for the rest of your life?

Male chastity has been around for a long time, with some cultures still using it for religious practices today.

So, you can enforce chastity on a man if you know how to do it right and teach him about the benefits.

It may be difficult to convince someone that abstaining from sex for long periods of time is a good idea.

To most, it seems more like a punishment than a playdate. But being chaste for the sake of a relationship isn’t anything new.

Historians can trace the idea all the way back to ancient times, with old texts talking about chastity belts and cock cages like they’re a part of nature.

The first example of a chastity belt came from the Crusades. The soldiers who left for war locked up their ladies’ loins until their triumphant return.

The only problem with that (besides a lengthy lack of sex) was that the wearer couldn’t masturbate or urinate with the rudimentary device in place. They also dealt with major skin issues and became trapped inside if their partners never came home.

Fast-forward a bit and we see more modern contraptions emerge out of 18th century Europe. Many were made for novelty purposes only, but the notion of voluntary chastity grew to become a niche all its own.

By the 1900s, people began installing these devices on themselves and their partners to spice things up, demonstrate loyalty, and push their sexual boundaries to the brink.

Over the next hundred years or so, creative perverts would work tirelessly to reintroduce the concept of curated coitus to the masses.

One by one, people began remembering the core advantages of wearing chastity garments with or without a partner’s involvement.

Now, there are hundreds of viable options to choose from and none of them are permanent.

DID YOU KNOW: Being temporarily chaste before a wedding and/or while away from your partner is typically considered a generous act of love.

What Is Male Chastity?

History is littered with examples of women and men being chaste for their own reasons. Individuals and couples make their own rules and define sexual pleasure, cheating, and monogamy in different ways.

However, male chastity typically refers to abstaining from sex of any kind, whether that be masturbation, oral stimulation, or just orgasms in general.

Buddhist monks of Tibet are one of the best examples of male chasteness in action. Priests, rabbis, and eunuchs provide tremendous inspiration as well.

Rather than simply not having sex anymore, these entities vow to live long lives of celibacy and solitude to achieve a spiritual goal. And as painful as that sounds, it begs the question: What does sex do to our psyche?

The intense pleasure of orgasm can certainly cloud our minds and make it more difficult for us to focus on other forms of interpersonal interaction.

In fact, that’s where the 2011 #nofap movement got its start. Men agreed not to jerk off for a specific amount of time and then measure their collective increase in concentration and productivity.

The results were pretty amazing, and they touted the benefits of male chastity as expected.

Thus, a chaste lifestyle is whatever you want to make it. For Tibetan monks, it means complete social solitude and an eternity without orgasm. For regular people like us, it may just mean not playing pocket pool or cheating on our partners for a while.

Either way, it’s all about restricting access to the genitals through safe but secure techniques.

Why Do Men Practice Chastity?


Men chastise themselves for a variety of reasons, whether as a perfectly healthy outlet or a method for disciplining normal impulses. Chastity isn’t always a prerequisite in a relationship, though.

So, what compels a man to lock up his dick in a cage for several hours at a time? Maybe this:

  • He wants to take a sabbatical from the monotony of everyday life.
  • His desire for solitude outweighs his desire for sex.
  • He wants to give up or change a certain behavior involving sexual stimulation.

Many men choose not to have sex until they get married, and many women choose that too. That’s because there’s still value in a low-mileage crotch.

So, ban yourself from touching your own penis and see what happens. Word on the streets is that it can actually boost the intensity of your future orgasms (as long as you’re not a monk).

How To Enforce Chastity

You can prepare the most attractive presentation and still not get your man to practice chastity the way you prefer.

For one, the concept is subjective to those using it.

For two, you have to follow these 7 simple steps if you want this experiment to work out in your favor:

Step 1 – Talk to your partner about the expectations.

Find out what each other’s goals are then do your best to accommodate. Be clear about how you see things playing out and be sure to ask plenty of questions too.

Step 2 – Explain the benefits of male chastity.

Knowing the benefits of male chastity can help you/your partner understand what’s happening. Certain things can be painful and frustrating, so a battle plan can work wonders.

Step 3 – Create a set of boundaries and rules.

Nobody knows your body and relationship better than you do, so make your own rules. Don’t be held captive to how the rest of the world handles chastity. This is your time now.

Step 4 – Create a set of rewards and punishments.

On the same token, try to hold yourself and/or your partner accountable. For every misstep, deliver a swift consequence. And for every achievement, offer up a reward.

Step 5 – Get the right chastity equipment.

Regardless of how you choose to play the game, use a device designed specifically for male chastity. They’re usually hypoallergenic metal or plastic cages installed to restrict access to the penis.

Step 6 – Learn how to use your devices properly.

Most cock cages are adjustable and shaped or weighted for long-term wear. But no two penises are the same, and chastity devices come in a wide variety as well. Choose wisely.

Step 7 – Start slowly and intensify things from there.

You don’t want to do too much at first because chastity takes some getting used to.

So, begin with some short sessions and lightweight cages then move to longer sessions and heavier cages afterward.

Make the most of your new exercise by handing the key to someone else (a partner, a trusted friend, etc.).

Then, ask them to place that key is a secret place where you can’t readily find it. And to prevent getting trapped or having accidents, try one of these three things:

  1. Write a note describing the location of the key.
  2. Give more than one key away.
  3. Use plastic devices to make cutting it off easier.

Meanwhile, don’t try to pry yourself out of a cock cage because you could seriously injure your genitals. If you ever get stuck or lose the key, talk to your partner, consult the key holders, or go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

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