5 Ways to Make a Man Your Bitch

Your man is strong, handsome, and virile. That masculinity is one of the hottest things about him, but dominating his dick seems like so much more fun. So, how do you make a man your bitch without letting him know that’s what you’re doing? Professional mistresses have been making it happen since the end of time, and this is how.

5 foolproof ways to make your man submissive

Here’s the manipulator’s guide to making a man your bitch:

#1. Blow his mind in the bedroom.

Rule number one: You can’t get a man to do you bidding if he doesn’t have respect for you. Meanwhile, most men don’t respect anything they can replicate, control, or manipulate. So, while sex isn’t the most important thing in your relationship, you have to make love feel like it’s something he can’t live without.

Blowing your man’s mind requires more than just blowing his dick. You must tap into his male psyche to pull out his deepest, darkest fantasies and then do your best to fulfill them. If that means buying some sex toys or trying new positions, so be it. This is your time to shine anyway.

BONUS TIP: Look for couple’s play products that help you interact with one another in new and exciting ways.

#2. Dress as provocatively as you can when you’re together.

Men are visual creatures, so they really get off on looking at beautiful and/or sexy things. In fact, that’s why their eyes wander when they’re out in public or around other women. Your guy needs lots of visual stimulation to remain interested, which means you’ve got to step it up in the wardrobe department.

Combine frequent, satisfying sex with a constant stream of attractive visuals and he’s much easier to dominate. Do this by wearing revealing clothes, form-fitting outfits, and exotic lingerie underneath it all. Then when he’s peeling you like an orgasmic onion, you can finally make him cry.

BONUS TIP: Dress just as sexy when you’re not together to make him jealous and more willing to negotiate on your terms.

#3. Give him more and more responsibilities.

Little by little, require more from your man throughout the day. Convince him that you rely on his strength, power, and wisdom to get it done. If necessary, act like you can’t do it without his help because that’s a great way to stroke his ego. Men go where they feel wanted most.

Men also want to be the hero. So, give him something heroic to do. Even if the task is something small like answering your emails or cooking your dinner, make it seem as though he’s the best man for the job. Chances are, he’ll start doing it just to inflate his sense of purpose.

BONUS TIP: Start with small tasks and then move up to larger ones, being slightly critical of the quality while also giving praise.

#4. Change the rules of access to suit your desires first.

There’s nothing wrong with putting your own needs before the needs of others, especially when you’re trying to establish a hierarchy in your relationship. The submissive should always know where they stand, so it’s your job to make that clear. Set up some boundaries and then communicate them beforehand.

Typical boundaries usually include things like:

  • Touch restriction
  • Merit-based affection
  • Payment upfront
  • Swift punishments
  • Limited communication

To really get your guy’s attention and make him play by the rules, tease him with a reward and refuse to give any lenience until perfection is achieved.

BONUS TIP: Choose and declare a formal name or title for yourself to use regularly or while role playing.

#5. Put him in a cock cage.

When your boundaries aren’t kept and your rules aren’t followed, you may have a brat on your hands. But that’s okay because you can always put your man on a masturbation ban. Cutting him off from sex is one thing but preventing him to ejaculating at all is another.

Cock cages and male chastity devices help him hold it together while you orchestrate the next ordeal. They usually feature secure locks, keys, identification tags (for the mug shots), and even holes for easy urination. So, there’s no excuse for him to get out of jail unless the warden sees fit.

BONUS TIP: Choose a cock cage that’s adjustable and then use the extra room as a reward for good behavior.

Remember, your man probably wants to know about the end game and prefers positive reinforcement when learning new skills. That means reminding him of how hot it makes you to be dominant, but it also requires a few kickbacks before he says, “Hey, what’s in it for me?” Meanwhile, practice is what makes perfect so don’t give up too soon.

How to Enforce Male Chastity

Where does the idea of chastity come from, and why do men either love it or hate it? Is there a way to change your man’s mind, or do you have to deal with his delinquent dick for the rest of your life?

Male chastity has been around for a long time, with some cultures still using it for religious practices today.

So, you can enforce chastity on a man if you know how to do it right and teach him about the benefits.

It may be difficult to convince someone that abstaining from sex for long periods of time is a good idea.

To most, it seems more like a punishment than a playdate. But being chaste for the sake of a relationship isn’t anything new.

Historians can trace the idea all the way back to ancient times, with old texts talking about chastity belts and cock cages like they’re a part of nature.

The first example of a chastity belt came from the Crusades. The soldiers who left for war locked up their ladies’ loins until their triumphant return.

The only problem with that (besides a lengthy lack of sex) was that the wearer couldn’t masturbate or urinate with the rudimentary device in place. They also dealt with major skin issues and became trapped inside if their partners never came home.

Fast-forward a bit and we see more modern contraptions emerge out of 18th century Europe. Many were made for novelty purposes only, but the notion of voluntary chastity grew to become a niche all its own.

By the 1900s, people began installing these devices on themselves and their partners to spice things up, demonstrate loyalty, and push their sexual boundaries to the brink.

Over the next hundred years or so, creative perverts would work tirelessly to reintroduce the concept of curated coitus to the masses.

One by one, people began remembering the core advantages of wearing chastity garments with or without a partner’s involvement.

Now, there are hundreds of viable options to choose from and none of them are permanent.

DID YOU KNOW: Being temporarily chaste before a wedding and/or while away from your partner is typically considered a generous act of love.

What Is Male Chastity?

History is littered with examples of women and men being chaste for their own reasons. Individuals and couples make their own rules and define sexual pleasure, cheating, and monogamy in different ways.

However, male chastity typically refers to abstaining from sex of any kind, whether that be masturbation, oral stimulation, or just orgasms in general.

Buddhist monks of Tibet are one of the best examples of male chasteness in action. Priests, rabbis, and eunuchs provide tremendous inspiration as well.

Rather than simply not having sex anymore, these entities vow to live long lives of celibacy and solitude to achieve a spiritual goal. And as painful as that sounds, it begs the question: What does sex do to our psyche?

The intense pleasure of orgasm can certainly cloud our minds and make it more difficult for us to focus on other forms of interpersonal interaction.

In fact, that’s where the 2011 #nofap movement got its start. Men agreed not to jerk off for a specific amount of time and then measure their collective increase in concentration and productivity.

The results were pretty amazing, and they touted the benefits of male chastity as expected.

Thus, a chaste lifestyle is whatever you want to make it. For Tibetan monks, it means complete social solitude and an eternity without orgasm. For regular people like us, it may just mean not playing pocket pool or cheating on our partners for a while.

Either way, it’s all about restricting access to the genitals through safe but secure techniques.

Why Do Men Practice Chastity?


Men chastise themselves for a variety of reasons, whether as a perfectly healthy outlet or a method for disciplining normal impulses. Chastity isn’t always a prerequisite in a relationship, though.

So, what compels a man to lock up his dick in a cage for several hours at a time? Maybe this:

  • He wants to take a sabbatical from the monotony of everyday life.
  • His desire for solitude outweighs his desire for sex.
  • He wants to give up or change a certain behavior involving sexual stimulation.

Many men choose not to have sex until they get married, and many women choose that too. That’s because there’s still value in a low-mileage crotch.

So, ban yourself from touching your own penis and see what happens. Word on the streets is that it can actually boost the intensity of your future orgasms (as long as you’re not a monk).

How To Enforce Chastity

You can prepare the most attractive presentation and still not get your man to practice chastity the way you prefer.

For one, the concept is subjective to those using it.

For two, you have to follow these 7 simple steps if you want this experiment to work out in your favor:

Step 1 – Talk to your partner about the expectations.

Find out what each other’s goals are then do your best to accommodate. Be clear about how you see things playing out and be sure to ask plenty of questions too.

Step 2 – Explain the benefits of male chastity.

Knowing the benefits of male chastity can help you/your partner understand what’s happening. Certain things can be painful and frustrating, so a battle plan can work wonders.

Step 3 – Create a set of boundaries and rules.

Nobody knows your body and relationship better than you do, so make your own rules. Don’t be held captive to how the rest of the world handles chastity. This is your time now.

Step 4 – Create a set of rewards and punishments.

On the same token, try to hold yourself and/or your partner accountable. For every misstep, deliver a swift consequence. And for every achievement, offer up a reward.

Step 5 – Get the right chastity equipment.

Regardless of how you choose to play the game, use a device designed specifically for male chastity. They’re usually hypoallergenic metal or plastic cages installed to restrict access to the penis.

Step 6 – Learn how to use your devices properly.

Most cock cages are adjustable and shaped or weighted for long-term wear. But no two penises are the same, and chastity devices come in a wide variety as well. Choose wisely.

Step 7 – Start slowly and intensify things from there.

You don’t want to do too much at first because chastity takes some getting used to.

So, begin with some short sessions and lightweight cages then move to longer sessions and heavier cages afterward.

Make the most of your new exercise by handing the key to someone else (a partner, a trusted friend, etc.).

Then, ask them to place that key is a secret place where you can’t readily find it. And to prevent getting trapped or having accidents, try one of these three things:

  1. Write a note describing the location of the key.
  2. Give more than one key away.
  3. Use plastic devices to make cutting it off easier.

Meanwhile, don’t try to pry yourself out of a cock cage because you could seriously injure your genitals. If you ever get stuck or lose the key, talk to your partner, consult the key holders, or go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

When To Put a Penis in Jail

Your dick has been verrrry naughty, and we’re not gonna take it anymore. Someone has to do something to put your penis back in its place, but any old stranger can’t restrict a dick like yours.

So, how do you put a penis in jail and when is the appropriate time to do so? BDSM experts have been asking that same question for decades.

As it turns out, mandates and sentencing should be tailored to the cock inside the cage. No two men are alike, after all. So, placing a blanket rule and expecting it to apply to everybody is a grave mistake.

Instead, individuals and dominants must know when and where imprisonment is best. But first, they both have to understand what a penis jail is and then find one that comfortably fits.

What is a penis jail?

Commonly called a cock cage, penis jails are playful devices for men who want to restrict their ability to achieve an erection and/or ejaculate from sexual pleasure.

These boy toys are used for a wide variety of different applications, from establishing trust in a relationship and building self-control to demonstrating loyalty and increasing stamina.

Moreover, male chastity toys are considered attractive when worn correctly and they’re generally safe if used with care.

TIP: Always apply a generous amount of water-based personal lubricant on the wearer’s penis before locking it in jail.

How to tell when a penis belongs in jail

It can be hard to tell when a penis belongs in the slammer and that’s because each cock and couple are different. Rules are rules, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change at any minute. Depending on the situation, your penis may carry a warrant for serious imprisonment.

Here’s how to tell:

#1. Your dick has made you do some very bad things.

Lust can be a major pain in the ass, especially if you’re in a committed relationship or after you make the promise of monogamy. One look at something sexy and you’re liable to act on impulse.

Meanwhile, your relationship hangs in the balance of your ability to stay true. If that gets too hard or if you step out of bounds, the best solution is often dicky prison for an undisclosed amount of time.

HACK: Talk to your partner about various levels of acceptable jail time to determine what’s safe and what goes too far.

#2. You’ve become a two-pump chump.

It’s easy to get so carried away during sex that you dump your load unexpectedly or before your partner has had a chance. And while that’s okay once in a while, it can become extremely frustrating when it happens all the time.

Luckily, cock cages can help increase your sexual stamina by preventing you from getting erect in the first place. This helps you target your primary turn-ons and ignore the stimuli that cause premature ejaculation.

NOTE: Track your progress in a journal or with your partner then focus on the techniques that work best.

#3. You’re in a long-distance relationship with someone you love.

Being far away from the one you love makes maintaining a relationship difficult. And when you’re constantly surrounded by temptation, trust is virtually impossible to establish.

However, voluntarily placing your penis in prison sends a clear and kinky message that says, “I’m yours and yours alone.” So, while it won’t do anything to control thoughts or emotions, it will prevent the physical manifestations that often lead to infidelity.

DID YOU KNOW: The slightly painful pinch of a well-fitted cock cage during an erection can actually condition the wearer to think and/or act differently when exposed to certain stimuli.

#4. You’d like to dabble in some light bondage play.

BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism. That means it involves all types of play, including restrictive sex practices like penile imprisonment.

A good cock cage can go a long way when playing bondage games, especially if you or your partner become easily excited when trying new things.

Chastity toys for men and women are available in various shapes and sizes, so there’s no excuse for insubordination.

FACT: Most people have dabbled with BDSM at least once, some without even realizing it.

#5. You don’t have anything better to do with your dick.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed sex god or a shameful example of a man, there’s nothing wrong with trying new things or working on your penile prowess.

Use your spare time to boost endurance, improve relationships, and attempt kinkier feats. Or just play around with a new concept to see how it feels.

Either way, chastity toys are safe and sexy. Plus, some of them can be used with other accessories in your collection.

NOTE: Some cock cages come with adjustable O-rings for attaching straps, stirrups, and nipple clamps.

Tips for finding the best cock cage

When you learn about all the possibilities, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. You feel excited but you also feel apprehensive about spending money on something you’ve never used before.

So, learn how to use different cock cages before taking this trip. You can find instructional videos everywhere, and most manufacturers provide detailed instructions with their products and/or post resources online.

Meanwhile, know your body’s unique dimensions. No two penises are exactly alike, so it’s best to find a contraption that allows for a little growth.

You’ll have the best luck with devices that feature adjustable components, breathable chambers, and comfortable straps. Those amenities help for long-term wear, and some cages won’t even trigger metal detectors when you travel.

Modern male chastity toys are made from fine materials that last a long time and feel cozy against the crotch.

Today you’ll find a wide range of different options, including silicone, plastic, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other patented polycarbonate blends. The key is to use something that doesn’t irritate your skin. The perk is to find a device that can be hidden beneath your pants.

But to experience the true essence of penis imprisonment, you must determine how long you want each sentence to be. This not only helps you track your progress but it also demonstrates your obedience to any master who’s in control.

Remember, cock cages are a major part of the BDSM community, but they’re becoming more mainstream every day. So, stock up on the accessories while you can and get started on your jailbird journey today.

Best accessories for cock cages

Speaking of accessories…there are a few items you’ll wish you had on hand when you put your penis in prison. Even county jails offer some basic amenities, so don’t subject your dick to more than it can handle.

Here’s what you need on deck beforehand:

  • A water-based personal lubricant
  • Non-abrasive, hypoallergenic cleaning supplies
  • A small container to store the cage keys
  • At least one safe word to end the game instantly
  • Instructions to each cage in the game

Also, get permission from your master and/or submissive before installing a cock cage of any kind.

Consensual sex games are always more fun, plus you won’t have to worry about offending anyone or breaking the laws of the land.

If possible, create a contract with your partner to outline the rules, procedures, limitations, and consequences of misbehavior.

PRO TIP: Try to seek help writing a BDSM contract for penis prison or other games to ensure a fair and equitable agreement.

Do not pass go

In this sexy game of Monopoly™, your penis heads straight to jail to await judgment and final sentencing from the warden (AKA: your partner).

There are numerous benefits to practicing chastity too, including one that can actually heighten your sense of pleasure once you’re finally released.

So, talk to your partner, get to know your limitations, and serve your bid to be released for good behavior.

The 5 Benefits of Chastity

Did you know that chastity was once considered a sign of divine favor? People who refused to have sex were often revered as purer than those who did the horizontal bop.

Their marital statuses didn’t matter either. In fact, that’s why modern society places such a marked stigma on sexual liberty. We’re all conditioned to believe that sexual gratification is an ugly, primal desire.

It’s not true, but the belief still affects how we all think about sex.

Back in the day, people practiced chastity to gain points with their social network and earn the respect of clergy or potential suitors. Today, we do it for completely different reasons, although clergy and partners always love a good virgin.

Regardless, science has taught us that the concept of voluntary abstinence is worth more than its weight in iron panties.

So, here’s what you need to know.

What are the top 5 advantages of practicing chastity?

The game of chastity may not be for everyone, but the people who love it almost always become obsessed. That’s most likely because it offers so many unique advantages that you can’t get anywhere else.

After all, abstinence from sex is good for more than just pleasing your pastors and passing 10th grade sex ed. Here are five things it can do for you, your partner, and/or your relationship:

#1. It forces you to think of more creative ways of seeking pleasure.

Since you can’t get off in the usual ways, you’re forced to rethink how you seek and experience pleasure.

Over time, this restrictive cycle can help you imagine, fantasize, and create better sexual experiences with yourself and/or your partner. They say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and this clever tactic is living proof of that.

So, while you may not be able to ejaculate, you can still enjoy stimulation if you think outside the box.

#2. Chastity makes eventual sex more satisfying.

Let’s talk some more about how abstaining from sexual pleasure makes your eventual experiences more intense.

You see, a general lack of fulfilling sexual gratification can make all your other senses more aware. Heightened and extra sensitive, you end up deriving extreme satisfaction from less erotic stimuli than before.

In turn, that can make simple gestures and modest come-ons more appealing. Thus, chastity is a terrific option for new couples and/or sexually repressed individuals.

#3. It can help establish trust in long-distance relationships.

Do you ever wonder if your lover is being faithful when they’re so far away? Don’t you wish you could lock up their cock and throw away the key until you’re back together again?

Well, a male chastity device can make that happen – and painlessly. The right contraption fits over the penis and balls then locks into place until “the jailer” sets them free.

It’s fun, flirty, and a great way to show your allegiance to a partner from far away.

#4. Chastity gives you more respect for your partner.

Because you can become so pent up and sexually frustrated while practicing chastity with an attractive partner, the exercise produces a sense of mutual respect.

In one direction, the wearer respects their partner for enforcing such intense levels of self-control.

In the other direction, the freed partner respects the wearer for demonstrating such blatant signs of loyalty despite contrary interest, opportunities, or impulses. Together, the couple grows stronger and the sex keeps getting kinkier (when it’s allowed, of course).

#5. It helps you develop better self-control.

Self-control is an important part of life, but it’s also a multifaceted concept that requires lots of practice to master.

For many, their weakest moments come when sex is involved.

So, chastity can help those people gain a better handle on their urges and compulsions, especially if they’re a chronic masturbator or suffer from sex addiction. That’s because it prevents immediate gratification and encourages healthier coping mechanisms for otherwise uncontrollable impulses.

Want to make your experience with abstinence less frustrating and more satisfying for everyone involved? Reach out to your partner(s) to find out what areas in the bedroom you need help with the most.

Be sure to approach the situation with an open mind and ask for honesty no matter how much it stings.

How to practice chastity in your relationship in 4 easy steps

Introducing the concept of chastity into your relationship may be tricky, especially if it’s not something you’ve talked about before.

As such, try to be as gentle and compassionate as possible. If your partner seems apprehensive about the idea, discuss the five benefits listed above to help change their mind.

Then, follow these four simple steps to get started:

Step 1 – Outline your goals.

It’s better when you know exactly what you and/or your partner desire.

In other words, what’s the end game here? Are you practicing chastity to establish trust or make your sex life more interesting? Depending on your answer, the correct tools and techniques should reveal themselves.

Once they do, begin collecting your devices and accessories to create an adequate stash ahead of time.

NOTE: Study the elements of an aftercare station to help your partner feel more comfortable about wearing specialty devices.

Step 2 – Determine your hard and soft limits.

No two people enjoy the same things when it comes to sex, and folks can be pretty strict about their sexual limitations as well. Because chastity is such a restrictive concept that requires lots of time, trust, and patience, it may not be something you can just jump right into.

So, take it slow and find out what your partner wants out of it first. Chances are, you have more things in common than you thought.

NOTE: To avoid embarrassment, write down your hard and soft limits on a piece of paper and then give it to your partner to read.

Step 3 – Be aware of the consequences.

Understand the pros and cons of chastity before bringing it into your relationship.

After all, it can cause resentment and anger if you do it wrong. This concept is meant to develop trust, establish dignity, protect a fragile relationship, and teach self-control. It is not something that should be abused or taken for granted.

If/when that happens, the restricted partner feels stupid for playing along and the other partner looks mean for being so cruel. It’s a lose-lose situation for everybody that way.

NOTE: Outline some clear expectations and then track your progress together, making necessary adjustments as you go.

Step 4 – Know when to stop.

Male chastity and female abstinence are generally safe, even for people who are in very active sexual relationships. Modern tools of the trade are made from hypoallergenic materials and have comfortable features to ensure long-term security.

However, that also means they can be dangerous if you lose the key, let the area become dirty, or get it snagged on something.

Moreover, many partners establish a safe word to beg for release. Whatever the case, you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

NOTE: Most male chastity rigs have holes for penile ventilation and urination, which means they can be worn for days if properly maintained.

How to make the most of your voluntary sexual abstinence

It can be tough to maintain your discipline when your partner is being sexy or after it’s been a while since you’ve had sex.

The bad news is that that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. This is when your self-control muscles get a chance to flex, so don’t get weak when it matters most.

Talk to your partner about possible adjustments and do your best to follow the rules. That way, you don’t get put back in the slammer repeatedly for unlawful offenses.

Your partner is in charge of making the rules, but it’s your duty to follow them. Chastity is therefore a group effort, so try to encourage one another to practice patience and show compassion (even when staying to course gets hard).

Make it even easier by setting a time limit before you begin.

Outline how long you think the prisoner should be locked up before receiving their reward of freedom and sexual fantasy fulfillment.

Try to increase the wait with every pass to teach more self-control and establish trust but keep the wearer’s lifestyle and professional obligations in mind when determining the schedule.

Take advantage of chastity while you can

Convincing someone to abstain from sex isn’t easy, especially if that person loves to get off or feels like chastity is a joke.

Plus, asking a partner to wear a big, restrictive device for several hours can be like pulling teeth.

They’ll hate you for even suggesting it at first, but then they’ll thank you once you successfully remove the problem and replace it with something more functional.