5 Ways to Make a Man Your Bitch

Your man is strong, handsome, and virile. That masculinity is one of the hottest things about him, but dominating his dick seems like so much more fun. So, how do you make a man your bitch without letting him know that’s what you’re doing? Professional mistresses have been making it happen since the end of time, and this is how.

5 foolproof ways to make your man submissive

Here’s the manipulator’s guide to making a man your bitch:

#1. Blow his mind in the bedroom.

Rule number one: You can’t get a man to do you bidding if he doesn’t have respect for you. Meanwhile, most men don’t respect anything they can replicate, control, or manipulate. So, while sex isn’t the most important thing in your relationship, you have to make love feel like it’s something he can’t live without.

Blowing your man’s mind requires more than just blowing his dick. You must tap into his male psyche to pull out his deepest, darkest fantasies and then do your best to fulfill them. If that means buying some sex toys or trying new positions, so be it. This is your time to shine anyway.

BONUS TIP: Look for couple’s play products that help you interact with one another in new and exciting ways.

#2. Dress as provocatively as you can when you’re together.

Men are visual creatures, so they really get off on looking at beautiful and/or sexy things. In fact, that’s why their eyes wander when they’re out in public or around other women. Your guy needs lots of visual stimulation to remain interested, which means you’ve got to step it up in the wardrobe department.

Combine frequent, satisfying sex with a constant stream of attractive visuals and he’s much easier to dominate. Do this by wearing revealing clothes, form-fitting outfits, and exotic lingerie underneath it all. Then when he’s peeling you like an orgasmic onion, you can finally make him cry.

BONUS TIP: Dress just as sexy when you’re not together to make him jealous and more willing to negotiate on your terms.

#3. Give him more and more responsibilities.

Little by little, require more from your man throughout the day. Convince him that you rely on his strength, power, and wisdom to get it done. If necessary, act like you can’t do it without his help because that’s a great way to stroke his ego. Men go where they feel wanted most.

Men also want to be the hero. So, give him something heroic to do. Even if the task is something small like answering your emails or cooking your dinner, make it seem as though he’s the best man for the job. Chances are, he’ll start doing it just to inflate his sense of purpose.

BONUS TIP: Start with small tasks and then move up to larger ones, being slightly critical of the quality while also giving praise.

#4. Change the rules of access to suit your desires first.

There’s nothing wrong with putting your own needs before the needs of others, especially when you’re trying to establish a hierarchy in your relationship. The submissive should always know where they stand, so it’s your job to make that clear. Set up some boundaries and then communicate them beforehand.

Typical boundaries usually include things like:

  • Touch restriction
  • Merit-based affection
  • Payment upfront
  • Swift punishments
  • Limited communication

To really get your guy’s attention and make him play by the rules, tease him with a reward and refuse to give any lenience until perfection is achieved.

BONUS TIP: Choose and declare a formal name or title for yourself to use regularly or while role playing.

#5. Put him in a cock cage.

When your boundaries aren’t kept and your rules aren’t followed, you may have a brat on your hands. But that’s okay because you can always put your man on a masturbation ban. Cutting him off from sex is one thing but preventing him to ejaculating at all is another.

Cock cages and male chastity devices help him hold it together while you orchestrate the next ordeal. They usually feature secure locks, keys, identification tags (for the mug shots), and even holes for easy urination. So, there’s no excuse for him to get out of jail unless the warden sees fit.

BONUS TIP: Choose a cock cage that’s adjustable and then use the extra room as a reward for good behavior.

Remember, your man probably wants to know about the end game and prefers positive reinforcement when learning new skills. That means reminding him of how hot it makes you to be dominant, but it also requires a few kickbacks before he says, “Hey, what’s in it for me?” Meanwhile, practice is what makes perfect so don’t give up too soon.

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